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Darrell Bass, CLC

Certified Life Coach

Tel: 713-839-6089

Darrell has over a decade of experience working directly with executives and corporate team members. His focus has been within the industries of finance, oil and gas, human resources business solutions, as well as brand development. Through this experience Darrell has been able to work with complex systems and identify obstacles while assisting clients in developing the skills necessary for facilitating positive outcomes and organizational well-being.  


Darrell takes a strengths-based approach to coaching and emphasizes positive aspects of his client’s lives. He also assists clients in identifying the barriers in their lives that hold them back personally and professionally. He helps his clients create goals personally and professionally, find a healthier mindset, modify habits that are holding them back, ….


Some areas of specialty are men’s lifestyle coaching, peak performance, corporate development, diversity, change management, as well as adolescent skills coaching. He believes coaching is an initial stage of the therapy process and the road to professional and social healing.   


Darrell has always had a passion for helping others achieve their life goals, whether it be professionally or socially. Originally from Houston, Texas, he has resided in Dallas since 2019. His hobbies are cooking, tennis, and continuing his quest to contribute to the well-being of his clients.


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