Margery Boucher, MA, MS, LPC-S

"Your Concierge Clinician"

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and find out a bit more about me and my practice. Please take a moment to look around and learn more about my almost 20 years of experience and the many different services I provide (concierge counseling packages, office and mobile counseling, speaking engagements, LPC supervision, and more).

My therapeutic philosophy...

1. I am individualized: I look at the specific needs of each individual client to determine to most effective and necessary strategies. Therefore, I use art, music, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, cognitive behavioral strategies, skill building and more.

2. I am integrative: I believe that bringing together the right professionals to support and encourage growth in my clients is the best way for each person to have the fastest, most effective and longest lasting change.

3. I am collaborative: I will then work outside of our sessions to collaborate with other professionals involved in your or your child’s life. I truly believe that collaboration and communication with everyone involved is the key to long-lasting and effective change!

4. I am concierge: Under my concierge package, I make myself available to my clients outside of sessions with priority scheduling and more. I recognize that there are times in life when additional support might be needed which I can offer. Please visit my concierge counseling page for more information.


Thank you I truly look forward to speaking with you soon.




“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” 



The Tapestry of Life:

 In all the ways that you might see
Your life and how you wish it could be,
The one thing you should come to find
Is I am there to walk by your side.
Let me in to help you heal
To guide, and teach, and help you feel,
Let me give you tools for life
So you can rid yourself of strife.
The things you will soon leave behind
Will be a tapestry within your mind,
Sewn together in a unique way
To make you who you are today.
M. Boucher

Margery Boucher, MA, MS, LPCS North Texas Counseling and Education Center, 2014.