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Frequently Asked Questions...


Q: How do I know if I need counseling?


A: A main way someone can tell if they need help through a professional counselor is to determine if the "issue" (i.e. mood, anxiety, adjustment, relationship, etc.) is leading to barriers or distress in your life. If you feel like your particular challenge it is leading to discomfort in your life, it would be beneficial to seek out professional assistance.

Q: What is the difference between counseling and coaching?

A: One clear distinction between coaching and counseling, is that coaching is going to focus on present and future focused goals. For example; overcoming procrastination, fears or negative thinking patterns that are creating blocks for moving forward in an individuals life and career. 


Q: Why do you not accept insurance?


A: There are several reasons for not accepting insurance. The main reason is that I do not wish to have to provide client's information or a diagnosis to an insurance company for approval to treat someone who needs services. Insurance does not cover all types of therapies or diagnoses. By paying out-of-pocket, you do not run the risk of your insurance company denying any services. Additionally, certain diagnoses and information that a clinician must report to insurance could later become a barrier for certain types of employment. 


Q: What is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)? 


A: A counselor has a Master's level graduate degree and specialized training in the field of counseling. LPCs are required to obtain 3000 hours of supervised experience prior to being fully licensed. They must also pass a state licensing exam. For more information or to check any counselor's license, please visit Texas Stated website.


Important Client Information

The following is a link to information about HIPAA and your privacy rights. Upon intake you will be provided a copy of your rights, however please take a look at the link below for additional information:


Information on HIPAA can also be found in the new client intake paperwork

and the Life Changes Stress Test

For adolescent clients, please print and complete the adolescent questionnaire as well. 

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