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On-site Counseling

What are mobile counseling services? Why are they beneficial?


With the concierge counseling services, mobile counseling is often a component. However, one can have mobile counseling without the concierge packages. The benefits of on-site or mobile counseling are varied and have proven to be incredibly beneficial. Mobile counseling puts me in the environment where the challenging behaviors or difficult feelings are most frequently occurring. The emersion of being in your own environment can often times propel the therapeutic process forward.


Mobile services include individual/family/couples counseling, coaching, crisis assessment, or life-skills support. There services can take place in various locations, for example in the home, job, hospital, or school. 


Mobile Fees:

Initial Assessment (in-office): Starting at $350 (2 hr minimum) 

Individual Counseling session (50-minutes): Starting at $300/session

Family/Couple Session (1.5 hrs): Starting at $350/session 


*Mobile services are based on location and availability.


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