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Individual Counseling


This includes various types of therapies such as talk, play, activity, and art. The techniques used are specific for the individual needs of each client.




This can include premarital counseling, communication training, traditional family or couples counseling, and more. As with individual counseling sessions, family and couples counseling is based on the unique needs of the clients. 


Combination of Services

If couples/families would like to be seen individually for services as well, a reduced fee structure can be arranged for services. 


Crisis Assessment/Counseling

If an new or existing client is in acute life-threatening danger, the family should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. However, for non-life threatening crises I am available for sessions that are not regularly scheduled. During normal business hours, after hours, in-office, home, school, or hospital. Fees will vary depending on the aforementioned factors. 


Intensive Therapeutic Services

These services include but are not limited to pre/post-hospitalization intensive therapeutic interventions, care coordination with other professionals, liaison for educational placement, and more.



Intake 50-75-minutes                Starting at $400.00

Concierge Coaching Intake          Staring at $800.00

*This includes a thorough assessment Margery Boucher, LPC-S as well as Concierge Coach Darrell Bass, CLC

Individual 50-minutes                Starting at $300.00

Family/Couples 75-minutes        Starting at $350.00

Family/Couples 90-minutes        Starting at $450.00

*Sessions can be extended and fees will reflect additional time.

*Session/phone calls/collaboration/coordination outside of regular business hours are subject to an increased rate.

Crisis Assessment                      Starting at $400/hr

Intensive Therapeutic Services     Direct client contact (face-to-face/phone/telemed): $350/hr, Care coordination starting at $200/hr, electronic communication (email, text): starting at $50/quarter hr. All documented time is rounded to the quarter-hour.

Assessment: (DISC, 16 Types, Enneagram, and more): Starting at $100 depending on number of assessments.



Note: If the client arrives late, the session still only goes until the end of the scheduled time for that client/family/couple. This is due to scheduling of other clients.


Please print the intake paperwork, complete and bring it with you to your first session. If you are unable to complete the paperwork prior to your first session, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete the forms.

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