Street Names Of Drugs: How Many Do You Know?

"Do you know most of the street names for all the drugs out there? No one does! There are way too many drugs, and the slang names evolve quite a bit. Also, new illicit drugs show up on the market regularly, making it hard to keep up.The changes in the language for these substances help drug users evade the detection of their habitual use. By using these various slangs, people can remain discreet and hide their habits from family and friends.Slang names exist for virtually all abused drugs. These code names are not just for illicit drugs, but also abused prescription medications. In some cases, these slangs may be similar to the name of the illegal substance. On the other hand, some names may

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Margery Boucher, MA, MS, LPCS North Texas Counseling and Education Center, 2014.